Joshua Fraudstein lets suicide prevention page suffer slow, sad death

Happy anniversary, Joshua Fraudstein. Just two years ago you debuted your suicide prevention Facebook page Cancel Your Suicide. Exactly a year later you abandoned it. That says a lot about how much you care about those on the verge of taking their own lives, something you’ve claimed to have gone through twice.

Oh well, business is business. Your suicide business started on February 17, 2014. You asked people to come to your page where they could receive help with suicidal thoughts.

Josh suicide 1

You e-begged for donations to support your page.

Josh suicide 10

You promised everyone would be helped.

Josh suicide 2

You promised your page would deliver facts and help, and you warned your followers to take talk of suicide seriously. The, you set about breaking all your promises. You never posted any facts or directions for help. You couldn’t even take the time to post the number for the national suicide hotline–1 (800) 273-8255.

Instead, you posted one positive, feel good meme after another with your #shareifyoucare tag, completely ignoring the fact that depressed, suicidal people need professional help–not Hallmark card sentimentality. They need support from educated, experienced therapists. Some desperately need medication. What they got from you was self promotion.

And business promotions:

Josh suicide 4 Josh suicide 6

They got videos attacking abortion rights, Palestine, President Obama and atheists.

Josh suicide 5 Josh suicide 7

They even got to see your wedding photos. You even changed your cover photo to one of them!

Josh suicide 8

Then you posted only sporadically. On February 17 of last year, you put up your final post:

Josh suicide 9

Ironically, your message was to never give up. Yet that’s exactly what you did. You gave up on your promises. You gave up on people desperately asking for your help. You just walked away.

In the year following this–not so much as a peep from you on what happened. Or how you propose to fix this disgusting dereliction of responsibility. All we got was a claim from Jessica Fraudstein that you two mysteriously no longer had access to the page.

Maybe you should have been truthful for once and admitted the suicide prevention business just wasn’t that good. When there isn’t money to be made, there’s no Joshua Fraudstein.


Forget the crappy music. It’s all about Joshua Fraudstein.

We’ve had some great input from all of you about Jessica Feuerstein’s ferociously bland Gospel CD Altar Call. Along with the uninspired, tedious vocals and the CD’s laughable attempts to paint her as a “songwriter,” let’s not forget what this CD is really all about–the insecurity and narcissism of Joshua Fraudstein.

Since its release, Fraudstein has posted several videos of himself singing along with the music, at times drowning his wife’s wailing. Why not just have her sing on the video or let the music speak for itself, if that’s what Fraudstein actually cared about? Why do we need to hear him sing along?

Then there’s the matter of him making sure to take credit for her singing “career.”

Josh Jessica convinced

Some of the best proof is what happens at the 37:11 mark at the video on our Facebook page. It turns out one of the songs incorporates Fraudstein’s preaching. yep. He had to include himself within the music somehow.

It’s the same old sermon about how a woman rejected him and left him on his bedroom floor thinking about ending his life. But then Jesus came along and gave him a widowed woman (who had recently lost her husband to cancer). In the video, Fraudstein even manages to bring up a few tears and talk about how, just three years ago, he had no friends but now has 1.9 million friends on Facebook.

We get it. Fraudstein had his heart broken. It happens to almost all of us–as do many worse things. None of that ever seems to register with him. He’s a former pastor who at one time had to deal with a real congregation. His Facebook page is constantly packed with posts from people dying from terrible diseases, dealing with job loss or financial ruin or feeling devastated at the loss of a loved one. Yet all he can focus on is his own broken, cholesterol loaded heart.

Q. By the way, since Jesus was supposed to have taken his pain away, why must he still cry over it?

A. Because it’s all about Fraudstein. And the dollars. If he can line his pockets while being the center of attention, all the better.

Apparently… Urging Followers To Leave Bad Reviews Is Frowned Upon… Unless Your Name Is Joshua.

It has been brought to our attention that a group of “haters” has been urging their followers to leave bad reviews on the new hit album, Altar Call, by Jessica Fraudstein.


Now… I know that I personally have never urged any followers of “Share If You Care” to do such a thing… If they did so…they came up with that all on their own. And I um.. I swear… I wasn’t amused at all by reading their creative and entertaining reviews…

According to Jessica… urging people to leave bad reviews is “real mature”. Now… I personally have never left a review, good or bad, on any item I haven’t purchased or any place I’ve never visited.  I can’t help but think that maybe the individuals leaving these awfully harsh 1 star reviews have simply done so by following in the footsteps of their favorite Facebook personality. 


And who can forget what Joshua and his followers did to Cut The Cake?


Here’s the video in case you missed it!

There have been other instances of Joshua leaving 1 star reviews for places he never visited then posted about it influencing his followers to follow suit…like when Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church invited Anderson Cooper to speak.


 I can’t list them all… But why is it okay for Joshua to beg for bad reviews just to further his agenda… but the moment a few followers of “Share If You Care” decide to do the same… they are called “haters” and immature?

Side note… Fraudstein made a video asking for his followers to go leave 5 star reviews while also mentioning a chance to win a Fire tablet…

tisk tisk, Joshua… that’s against Amazon’s rules.


Stay Fraudulent, my friend.

BREAKING! Joshua Fraudstein shows off the Red One camera . . . . he just purchased

Oh no! Joshua Fraudstein held a live chat tonight. Right in the background was a Red One camera. I guess we were wrong, huh? No!

Josh Red One actual

Here’s what’s going on. Old Fraudstein put up a video the other day and didn’t realize what was showing on his PC. It was the Amazon site. Wouldn’t you know it, he had been search Red One cameras.

Josh red one amazon

And now he has one in his house. So did he buy it from Amazon? Who knows. The one he actually has now also could be a rental. This little ploy of his only points out his deceptions even more.

  • Where are the other two cameras?
  • Why in the hell isn’t he using the Red One to film this video?

As we pointed out in the previous post, we predicted him doing something like this months ago. We declared that before his wife’s CD release he would try to clean up his act.

Now he thinks he has. But he still hasn’t show any receipts. Now he has to come up with an excuse for looking up Red Ones recently on Amazon.

There’s actually not much to see here we didn’t say would happen–except for him wearing the same blue track suit he had on the other day.

Joshua Fraudstein shows off his Red One camera . . . in the world’s worst photoshop job

Well, I guess we were wrong. Good old Joshua Fraudstein finally ponied up some evidence that he had bought a Red One camera with his gofundme donations.

Oh wait. It’s a lazy, awful photoshop job that would embarrass even the worst charlatans ripping off followers on social media.

josh redcam redo

Yes, you’re looking at three obvious composites badly shoved into the same fake picture. The picture (Fraudstein’s evidence) doesn’t even make any sense. If he actually had a Red One, why wouldn’t he put the damn thing fully in frame? In multiple shots? We only need to examine quickly one aspect of this idiocy to debunk it–the black lighting umbrella in the back.

Note the white border on its right. It’s almost like somebody’s chubby little fingers were were working too fast to carefully snip the umbrella from another picture with a white background.

Josh Red photo border

Now, go to the top of the umbrella and look at the ragged edges we’ve circled. That’s an obvious sign of a poor clip job. Buy hey, maybe supper was on the table and Joshua Fraudstein had to get moving.

josh redcam redo umbrella

Phony. Fake. Ridiculous. This version of Fraudstein’s Red One saga doesn’t even match up with the other tales he’s spit out. If we go back to late 2014, right after he collected more than $20,000 in donations, Fraudstein claimed on Montel Williams’ page that he had bought the Red One.

Josh Montel 1

Fraudstein even tried spewing that same story on hos own page, claiming that he had been using the Red One for months and all the photos and videos he had posted since the last gofundme were taken with the camera. When this tale was shot down by some of us, he deleted those claims.

Then the story changed. This time the Miami Valley Skeptics caught the Baconator after a church service and asked him on cam where the Red One was. We got his now infamous stuttering, stammering story about a studio being built and two other cameras being purchased in place of the Red One.

This time Josh’s BFF Clayton Jennings chimed in claiming he had actually seen this mysterious studio with multiple cameras.


Of course, Fraudstein never showed off any of this. Instead, the story changed, again, at the beginning of this year when Fraudstein announced he was having a studio built (what happened to the old one, Clayton?). This time he showed off a projection screen and conducted Facebook church in his new “studio”–where he presented another grainy video with little more than closeups of his own enormous, off-putting mug. Speaking of that screen, he’s now made the outlandish claim that he spent $35,000 on it. I guess we can trust that as much as anything else he’s said.

Josh redOne comments

So, in the last 17 months, we’ve gotten multiple claims about multiple cameras and studios, none of which Fraudstein has ever produced. The shoddy photoshop post only further proves the total disregard he has for his supporters and anyone tracking his behavior. (But hey, some of his Joshbots did buy in.)

The big question this picture really raises is why Fraudstein chose to do it. There have been several theories, but I’ll point to a prediction we made on our beloved Exposing Joshua Fraudstein and Friends page before it was removed.

We said in December Fraudstein would finally make some moves to attempt to clean up his dirty reputation before the release of his wife’s Gospel CD. Sure enough, he’s been rather quiet lately with a paucity of his usual rabid, fire-breathing “look at how angry I am” videos (though he can’t seem to stay away from issues that really grind his gears–LGBT rights and minorities).  Now, he seems to think he’s put the Red One saga to rest.

But all he’s really done is tossed more fuel on a fire that isn’t going out anytime soon. That’s how narcissism works.

“No More American Girl Dolls… Argh!

Well… that boycott didn’t  last long!  Almost 3 months after posting a ridiculous click bait article about how horrible American Girl magazine was for showcasing a young girl that has 2 dads, Joshua Fraudstein’s  children went on a date with Grandma (Jessica’s deceased husband’s mom) to…. (drum roll please…)



From the Radicals article: “Liberals are constantly on the prowl for new ways to indoctrinate children with their twisted agenda and convince our culture homosexuality is normal and healthy, which is why it’s not shocking to see American Girl magazine fall in line with the left’s agenda and profile the family of a young girl with two dads.”

So it took less than 3 months for Joshua to conveniently forget all about his little boycott. When should we remind him about this conservative boycott from 2005?

Joshua… just a friendly reminder. You are free to purchase generic dolls and doll clothes from Target (oh wait… you’ve boycotted them as well for gender neutral marketing of toys ) or Walmart… but who are we kidding? We all know how important your expensive taste is to your ego.

Only the best.

Oh that evil American Girl company….

Subliminal Advertising During Facebook Church?!

A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass below (sub) the normal limits of perception and supposedly are used in advertising as well as for propaganda purposes… True, scientific research has yet to determine the actual effectiveness of this process, but that doesn’t stop Joshua Fraudstein from trying his best to use it to his advantage.

Let’s play a game.  See if you can spot the money flash across your screen in this clip that’s been slowed down.

Did you catch it? Odd… isn’t it? If you watch the entire hour long video that Joshua uploaded Sunday January 24th, 2016 then promptly took down Monday, it happens about once every minute or so. Now why would Joshua feel the need to quickly flash money across the screen DURING HIS FACEBOOK CHURCH SERVICE.

This clip shows the first few minutes of Facebook Church…

How many “money shots” did you count?

To save you from 4 hours of slowed video I took some screen shots of the first 25 minutes. On the left you see a frame of video before the “subliminal money shot” pictured on the right:


I haven’t seen that many money shots since… oh… nevermind.

Seriously though. I would LOVE to see your explanation of this one, Fraudstein.

Don’t Mind Me…. Just Trying To Pass Off A Reenactment As Actual Video Footage.

What’s better than using some tragic footage of a man that’s about to be murdered to get some attention? Well… using a reenactment of what happened and trying to pass it off as actual footage of course!


We can only wonder if Joshua Fraudstein knew it wasn’t actual footage and deliberately tried to trick his followers into thinking it was for “likes” and “shares”… if he forgot to mention the word “reenactment” in the title..  or if he is just that uneducated about filming and using multiple camera angles. (Insert your own Fraudstein Red One joke here)

We found it pretty obvious by watching it one time that it was a reenactment…

As usual once his deceit is brought to light and his followers start calling him out he does what every honest person does and edits the post to reflect the truth… oh wait… I mean he deletes the entire post.


Good job showing your honesty there, Fraudstein… Stay thirsty for those “likes” and “shares” my friend.

Joshua Fraudstein hates abortions, loves guns, sells t-shirts

We knew it was coming–an abortion hatin’, gun-luvin’ video from Joshua Fraudstein designed to sell t-shirts. What says “I love the Lord” better than a Jesus-swag commercial.

Here’s our video breakdown:

JF: On the anniversary of Roe. V. Wade I want to ask you a very serious question: Which is more dangerous–this gun or these abortion forceps?

EJF: Obviously the gun. It’s designed to fire projectiles that can kill. That’s why we worry about people carrying guns into classrooms and public places and not forceps. That’s why we worry about nuts like you who have threatened numerous times to hand over their guns bullets first.

Also, if you had set down your triple bacon cheeseburger long enough to do some research, you would have discovered that over 90 percent of surgical abortions don’t use forceps. But you’ve never let facts get in the way of your rants before, so go on.

JF: I realize that guns killed 30,000 people in the U.S. last year, but these killed 1.5 million.

EJF: Care to state where you got those statistics, Baconator? As we just noted, forceps are rarely used in abortions but are use regularly to save lives in numerous other medical procedures. Nice job, however, brushing off the thousands of Americans who were shot to death. You do realize that many of them were children, or does that not matter?

JF: While the liberal left is worried about banning these [guns], they’re not worried about banning these [forceps].

EJF: For the last time, who is trying to ban your guns? I’m liberal as hell and own guns. I’d just like to take precautions that help prevent unbalanced, angry people (hint, hint) from using them to mow down innocent people.

JF: It makes me wonder. There’s all these talks about women’s rights, but what about all the women being aborted. While people talk about Black Lives Matter, nobody seems to care about the black lives being aborted at the abortion clinic.

EJF: First off, a woman is an adult female. They can’t be aborted; only a fetus can. Considering all the race baiting you do on your Facebook page and your racist comments, why do you care about any black lives?

JF: This nation needs a heart transplant. We need a new heart. We need the King of Hearts [points to the t-shirt he’s wearing, which he also sells].

EJF: Really? Will your King of Hearts also convince you to stop waving your guns around and threatening the lives of others? Are you saying that purchasing your t-shirt is step one in giving America that heart transplant? That’s the obvious conclusion here.

JF: We need to bring an end to abortion. It’s the worst atrocity since the concentration camps.

EJF: One of the best ways to prevent abortion is to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Where do you stand on sexual education and contraception? Planned Parenthood does a terrific job on both those issues, but you appear to want to terrorize them out of existence. If you’re mentioning atrocities since WWII, you might also consider wars, starvation, disease, sexual exploitation, genocide, etc. Or don’t you care about those?



So Joshua Fraudstein decided to show off his $20,000+ studio . . .

This past Sunday, Joshua Fraudstein decided to show off the expensive new studio he collected well over $20,000 in 2014 to build and that he promised over the holidays would shut up his critics.

(I filmed just a few sections because I didn’t want to subject you to 60 minutes of Fraudstein preaching and wiping his runny nose with a towel.)

So this is what nearly $30,000 buys–a projection screen, terrible acoustics and a small screen service that could be shot with the cheapest camera on the market. Oh wait. Fraudstein says the studio is only partially finished. I guess we can expect something better. But after 16 months of empty promises you’d think he could offer something better.

The whole point of needing a Red One camera, Joshua Fraudstein claimed, was that he wanted to shoot inspirational videos that would be suitable for movie theaters and could reach an even wider audience. Interesting how that big dream has all but disappeared. Now he’s just shooting an improvised church service that’s no better than previous versions he filmed with his iPhone.

A couple other things of note here:

  • Fraudstein might want to consider hiring a director or someone capable of keeping his massive bulk in frame.
  • I’d really like to see the staff that is praying over all the prayer requests.
  • Is this a man coming off a 40-day fast? He’s bigger than ever. It’s almost as if the fast claim was another lie.